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Theses & Documents

Binding Prices


We are familiar with the requirements of most universities and carry a wide range of cloths and type sizes, to fulfil the criteria of individual departments. We realise that this can be a very time stressful for many students and try to make the process as trouble free as possible. 

Please ensure that all pages, for all copies, are in the correct numerical order and the right way up, as we cannot check this for you. Also a small amount of waste area on the outer edges should be allowed for trimming.

For music thesis portfolios; please contact us for details and prices. 


Our normal thesis turnround time is three days, but an express service is available, if required.

This style of binding is also suitable for reports, family histories, home publishing, music scores and similar documents

Temporary binding is available from £15 a copy and takes up to 24 hours. Please see our binding price guide below, which does not include printing.


Prices include up to 90 characters of lettering on the cover and 30 on the spine.  

Copies Express Standard
1 £90.00 £75.00
2 £180.00 £150.00
3 £240.00 £195.00
4 £320.00 £260.00
5 £400.00 £325.00
6 £420.00 £330.00
7 £490.00 £385.00
8 £560.00 £440.00
9 £630.00 £495.00
10 £650.00 £500.00

We now offer an online printing, binding and delivery service, in conjunction with Le-Bureau.

Please visit their website; for further details or phone 01273483696 / 01273480950

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